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You have spent countless hours preparing for your meeting, make sure you are getting great images that reflect your hard work...

We believe in creating solutions for clients not just great photos! We live in a visually sophisticated society where we are bombarded by images. Your clients and your staff know good photos from bad ones.

To that end, we have been part of Pulitzer-Prize winning photogrpahers that had to deliver stunning images on tight deadlines. We bring that experience to bear on all my work. We are comfortable working either onsite or with post-event solutions for your meeting that will build the quality of your image to your clients and attendees and have photos and video for your internal and external print, web, social and news media needs.

We have over 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500 & Global Companies, Societies and Associations. We have worked with meetings from 90,000 attendees to small intimate events and we interact with everyone from C-Level Executives to your members with professionalism and ease. We provide images, video and web services that help add value to all the stake holders in your organization.

Leveraging New Technologies:
Digital tools for your attendees and staff


My team brings years of experience working in the field of photojournalism and events and employs the latest technology to make sure you get outstanding images on site (on tight deadlines) that allows your social media staff to build traffic to your site and your event.

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